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Expedition Cub Camp
July 26-29, 2020

This style of resident camp gives Scouts extra opportunities to experience the thrill of the Cub World program. This camp is also a great way to prepare older Cubs for the longer campouts they will experience in Scouts BSA. Our topnotch Cub World camp staff will lead Scouts on an adventure of a lifetime as they participate in their favorite camp activities and make long-lasting camp friendships. Pack leaders and parents, in combination with the camp staff, provide leadership and supervision. The facilities are second-to-none and meet the comfort level of Cub Scout age youth (and their parents)!

So what do youth do at Resident Camp? First, there are the classic favorites — BB gun shooting, swimming, archery, nature hikes, and all the things boys and girls love. But the heart of the camp is the themed program areas. Boys and girls lodge and play in an area that fits their age level and enjoy planned activities that match the era and setting.

Tigers (1st grade) and Wolves (2nd grade) stay in the Pioneer Fort, Bears (3rd grade) stay in the Castle, Webelos I (4th grade) stay in the Mountain Man Village, and Webelos II (5th grade) stay in the Miner’s Camp. Each area is unique and has a theme that immerses the youth in their imagination for their entire stay. Imagine becoming a knight at the Castle, tracking elusive wildlife at the Mountain Man Village, or searching for treasure and fossils at the Miner’s Camp. All of these activities keep the youth engaged while working towards their Cub Scout advancements that fit their rank.

The camp is rounded out by camp-wide activities each evening, including the famous Cub World campfires. The skits and songs performed by the camp staff are famous for their silliness and fun and will be remembered by your Scout for many years. We host Family Night, when all of the Scout’s families are invited to come out to Cub World for a great family dinner, a final campfire performed by the Scouts, and the closing awards ceremony and slide show.

Resident Camp is a safe, fun, and character-building program. There is nothing like it in the Cincinnati area, and no camp facility like Cub World in the country. Take advantage of this hidden treasure along the banks of the beautiful Little Miami River and give your child the experience of a lifetime. Talk to your pack leaders today about signing up for Resident Camp!

Your youth may qualify for a Camp Discount. See below for more information! 



DAY ONE:                                                                    DAY TWO, THREE & FOUR*:
10:00am: Camp gate opens                                    7:00am: Reveille
10:15am: Check-in/Set-up accommodations      7:45am: Flag Raising
11:00am: Leaders Meeting                                      8:00am: Breakfast
11:45am: Dining Hall Procedures                           8:40am: Chapel Service (Sundays Only)
12:00pm: Lunch                                                         9:00am Program Rotation
12:45pm: Siesta (break)                                          12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Program Rotation                                      1:00pm Siesta (break)
5:00pm: Pack Time                                                   2:00pm: Program Rotations
5:45pm: Flag Lowering                                            5:00pm: Pack Time
6:00pm: Dinner                                                          5:45pm: Flag Lowering
7:00pm: Camp Exploration                                      6:00pm: Dinner
8:00pm: Opening Campfire                                      7:00pm: Evening Program/Campfire
9:00pm: Return to Campsite                                    9:15pm: Return to Campsite
10:00pm: Lights Out                                                 10:00pm: Lights Out

*The last day will include the family night campfire and then campers will depart following the campfire.


Fee Description                   Regular Fee               After June 1st              Deposit

Youth Fee                               $195                            $210                            $0

Adult Fee*                                $60                             $60                              $0


Code must be used or discount requested before full payment; no refunds will be issued.
  • Second Adventure Discount: Receive $25 off the second week of camp, any type.
    Code: Adventure2
  • Cub Camp Promotions Discount: For packs that attend a rally and complete a camp presentation, every youth in the unit can use one discount of $5 off any cub camp. Code will be emailed out after presentation is reported complete.


Please keep in mind that the following regulations must be followed at all times:

  • Resident Adventure Camps require 1 adult for every 4 Cubs with a minimum of 2 adults per Pack/Den. 
  • If more than 2 youth from the same Pack are attending Cub Camp, the Pack must provide adult supervision at the ratio given above.
  • Adults attending Expedition Cub Camp for 72 hours or more (non-consecutive) must be both registered as an Adult Leader with the BSA and have completed Youth Protection Training before arriving at camp. Proof of such is required at check-in.

For details, please refer to Adult Leader with the BSA and Dan Beard Council’s Youth Protection Training resources.

Questions? Please contact Rachel Ball at 513-577-7708 or Rachel.Ball@scouting.org.