Northern Kentucky District Awards

Below are a list of volunteers from the Dan Beard Council, BSA Northern Kentucky (formerly Trailblazer) District who have received the honor of an award in the past. Use the records below for the history of our award recipients. You may want to check these documents before nominating a volunteer for an award. This page will be updated on a yearly basis. Please see the District Executive if you have any questions or requests.

Please click on the year below for the PDF of the list of awards from that year:

To submit nominations for 2022 please click on the links below:

  • Nominations due 2/10/22
    • Silver Acorn Award – EVERY unit gets to recognize TWO volunteers (registered and unregistered adults qualify)
      • Nominate volunteers for the Silver Acorn Award, please click HERE!
    • Order of the Heart – up to ten (10) awards are given each year
      • Nominate Scouters for the Order of the Heart, please click HERE!
    • Meritorious Service Award – up to seven (7) awards are given each year
      • Nominate Scouters for the Meritorious Service Award, please click HERE!
    • District Award of Merit – Up to two (2) awards may be bestowed this year
      • Nominate Scouters for the District Award of Merit, please click HERE!

Questions? Please contact Michael Branscum, District Executive, at