Where To Go Camping

Every few years, the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge of the Order of the Arrow develops and distributes the Where to Go Camping Guide for Boy Scout troops and the Cub Scout Activity Guide for Cub Scout packs. These publications are compiled, researched, and updated by several Order of the Arrow members to include information on weekend camps, long term camps, and trails that are in and around the Dan Beard Council. Our hope is that you will use these guide as a reference as you research and plan your upcoming camping and hiking trips and other activities for your unit.

The publication tries to include information on nearly every local camping opportunity. However, this list may have left some of your favorite camping locations out or may contain incorrect information. If you have any additions or corrections, please email camping@danbeard.org with “Where to Go Camping Guide” or “Cub Scout Activity Guide” in the title.

One of the four principles of the Order of the Arrow is camp promotion. By compiling this listing for you, it is the goal of the Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge to help every unit in Dan Beard Council have a strong outdoor program. We are committed to promoting camping and providing materials like this to you whenever possible. We hope this guide will help you expand the number of times you go camping by choosing new locations from this guide while still finding time to visit your favorite spots.

When asked why boys choose to remain in Scouting, the number one response is always to go camping. Boys that go camping stay in Scouting. Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge is committed to help your troop succeed in keeping the boys in Scouting.